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Spiritual Healing

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What can Reiki do for my Pet?

Reiki has been know to benefit ALL animals from farm animals (inc horses), domestic pets such as fish, ferrets, cat’s, dogs or larger animal’s. Even WILD animals!

The list shows you the types conditions/concerns that Reiki has been known to help with:

- Ease Pain/Discomfort, due to injuries, loss of appetite, Digestion/Stomach issues

- Boost the Immune System

- Decrease Healing – Time after surgery or illness

- Emotional - Anxiety, trauma/previous experiences, nervous or timid dogs, even known to support bereavement and loss

- Behavioural - Separation anxiety (which can be known as common trait in certain breed of dogs) and behavioural issues

- Owner / Dog Relationship - struggling to bond or separation issues

- Removes Emotion – Psychological blocks that are impeding why

- Promotes Relaxation – The beauty of Reiki, whether you are human or an animal can enjoy the benefits without having a particular reason. Many of my clients have this treatment because it is extremely relaxing, plus boosts general well-being for owner and pet.

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Reiki with Different type of Animals?

As mention previously, ALL animals can benefit from Reiki. However, we must be mindful that each animal needs to be approached differently depending on the Pets indivdual circumstances. What ever the reaction, reiki is very beneficial.

Examples below of working with different types of animals;

Cats if sheltered or in a cage - best to channel the energy through the shelter/cage. It’s important not to over crowd the cat. Respect the cat’s space and choice. Never channel energy without asking for permission as failure to do this will lead to stress

Dogs struggling with emotional issues and appreciating practitioner’s touch. Then he/she might benefit if one hand is placed on their heart and one on their head. This allows the connection through mind and body grow naturally. This connection is directly associated with emotion and thought

Horses - horses are highly receptive to Reiki or any other hands on energy healing, more so than any other animals. It is wise to treat them in a quiet, familiar surroundings where they will not be distracted by people coming and going. Also a good idea to avoid feeding time too. One of the other things that can be very distracting for a horse to keep focused is flies and other biting insects. The horse will be fidgety and will focus on them and not you.

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How do we treat our Pet with Reiki?

Through Touch - In most cases animal Reiki does not involve touch. You can just sit down, stand, meditate and allow your animal friend to do what he/she wants. However, when touch is involved, it is important to consider the 3 forms of touch…

1st touch involves placing the whole hand on the animal you are working with, without pressing touch

2nd touch involves the fingertips alone, while….

3rd form of touch involves holding the hands about 2 to 3 inches above the animal’s physical body

Before any Reiki session you must ask the animal for permission before healing state, the same applies if doing distance healing to (called the energy transfer process). You should always ‘Thank’ the animal towards the end of the session. Permission of Distance Healing - This involves inviting the animal you are working with into your mental Reiki space and sending a request to offer the energy. If distance healing takes place without their permission, this can cause the animal to be confused and stressed.

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Reiki Symbols

Are a great way of enhancing your Reiki sessions. With Humans you can use four in total (one of them being used for distancing healing).

With animals, we can use three symbols called;

Choku Rei - When you visualise this symbol as the main source of Reiki power, you intuition may help you use your hand appropriately where nescessary. You will understand how to use Choku Rei prior to, during and after a Reiki session.

Sei He Ki - (MAN AND GOD BECOME ONE) This symbol can be used for distance healing. This symbol creates a balance between the side areas of you brain to reinstate harmony with confusion and emotional problems. This would be suitable for any animal that is experiencing depression, emotional upset, grief and an imbalance in the brain. This is also suitable to use to bridge any communication gap between an animal and its human guardian. If animals appear hostile, nervous and have unpredictable behaviour when offering a Reiki healing. Sei He Ki can be very helpful in these situations.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (MY BUDDHA MEETS YOUR BUDDHA) - The correct pronunciation of the symbol is “Hon-She-Zee-Show-Nen”, and this is only used in Distancing Healing for Humans and Animals. Many practitioners believe that this symbol is more powerful than any other symbols used in Level 2. This is mainly because it has NOT limited by distance or time. When doing distance healing it is helpful to use a ’surrogate’, this can be done by using a picture of the animal in need of healing (or owner/animal if healing both parties), write the details down on paper in order to help your visualise the need of the animal.

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Length of Reiki Sessions?

This can vary for each animal/case and the needs of the animal. Normal appointment slot would be for an hour but it could be longer.

We would come to you because this type of work is most beneficial at where they feel most comfortable.

Sometimes, we can be treating the environment for the Pet. Great personal example; We had a Boston Terrier called ‘Lenny’. He was an amazing family pet, couldn’t ask for a more gentle animal to be part of our crazy household.

NOW, that was the problem for ‘Lenny’ he wasn’t happy. I had four children all with extreme behavioural problems. My youngest would pull him by the tail, leg out of his cage, suddenly jump on him without warning etc. This caused Lenny to have a lot of anxiety, very nervous dog loosing his fur and even lose his appetite. This was ALL down to stress which was so sad to witness because we all loved him and gave him the best home we could. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change my youngest son’s behaviour due to his Autism. For us, we had to re-home him with my sister in law and pleased to say he is back to his normal self and enjoying life. We still get to babysit him which is amazing! If only I knew about Animal Reiki…..for us Lenny is settled now, but this is perfect treatment to use within your household if it is unsettled in any way.

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End of Life Care?

We love our animals and their lives are shorten then we would want them to be. Using Reiki for End of Life Care can offer great comfort to your Pet and Owner in various ways. This is extremely popular within human End of Life Care too. It’s very ’Spiritual’ and feels you are sending them to a greater place. The Pet needs energy because it is good for its physical, spiritual and psychological well-being. Healing offers an energy boost for the journey ahead of them.

Working with Pets under Vets Care?

You must gain consent from your Vet before your Pet receives Reiki. This is done by simply contacting your Veterinary Practice and asking for approval that your Pet can receive Reiki. Especially, if they are suffering with biological or physical condition. As Reiki Practitioners we can not diagnosed any medical condition, non an we go against any advise from the Veterinary Practice.

How do I know if my Pet has responded to Reiki?

The signs can become quite obviously with any pet. This may result in your pet becoming very relaxed, fall into a deep sleep often on your lap if the pet is a size that they are able too. Other signs, can be they become quite fidgety and unsettled for a while and may take themselves off somewhere quiet to rest and enjoy the healing. Whatever the reaction of your pet, they would off benefited from reiki healing in their own way.

After their session, I would suggest your pet (especially dogs/cats) be left alone for at least 2 hours to absorb the full benefits of their energy healing. Don’t discourage from drinking water because this very beneficial in flushing away any unwanted energy. They may urinate/pass wind/ open their bowels more frequently but this is completely normal in the body rebalancing/releasing unwanted energy.

Moon Oracle Card Readings

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What is Distance Healing?

The advantages with this type of healing, you do not have to be physically present with the Reiki Practitioner to receive the healing. This can be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the healer.

This type of healing is equally effective as an in person healing because in alternative energy healing and holistic medicine therapies, we are working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual by accessing the individual’s energy body. The energy can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time, which allows you appreciate the benefits from the comfort of your home without being present. We can use a photo of the individual who requires healing or if this is not possible, then taking their full name works just as well.

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