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Our Story

Where it all Began...
I’m a 43 year old wife & mother of four beautiful children based in Ipswich, Suffolk. I also run a small Celebrant business that I absolutely enjoy and feel extremely blessed to work with some amazing and inspirational couples. I’m very lucky to work independently at home, travel, get creative, and enjoy the luxuries of my clients fabulous ceremonies (including weddings).
So I hear you say.....what made you start this little adventure?
When I turned 40 and gave birth to my fourth child Jake, I started to become very conscious about health and the way I lead my lifestyle. Unfortunately, for my family I would burden them with my worries too. I was never a smoker nor did I drink any alcohol which was a massive bonus point, but I knew I took my small frame size for granted and would eat irregular and poor diet.
Why Elderberry Syrup you ask?
Well....other than the obvious changes such as being more active, following the Paleo Diet for the whole family, I also took a visit to see a wonderful Holistic lady called Jessica Hall. Her business is also Ipswich based and called Ivy Blue Holistic Healing. I can't Thank Jess enough for her massive input to my new health kick journey. Not only did she relieve my tummy issues but she discovered that I had these intolerances, which include mainly Gluten, Yeast and Wheat. I kinda knew I didn't do well with gluten but the others ingredients were a surprise. In our consultation, Jess introduced me to ‘Elderberry Syrup’. Jess knows how much I like to get creative with food, so she suggested “Why don't you make your own?” I replied “Genius idea”. Knowing limited information and tales of Elderberry I couldn't wait too get busy and I was massively intrigued with the research I came across, so I began brewing and here I am...
Everyone loves a good ‘Potion, Old Wives Tale, Grandma’s Recipe, Mumbo-jumbo (some would say).
So why not Try It & See what you think.....
It can't do any harm to try a nature based remedy that has been historically used over centuries.
Advice this is only an herbal syrup, this DONOT replace medical advise or prescribed medication given by your GP.
Helpful Links;
Nina Parham - Suffolk Mama Wellness - website: Nina was another massive part of my health kick in the early stages within Pre/Post-natal pregnancy. Another must have in your life. Take five to check her website too.
History behind Elderberry Syrup...
Elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world.
But where do you find elderberries? There are about 30 types of elder plants and trees found around the world. The European version (also known as Sambucus nigra) is the one most closely tied to your health and healing. Its history dates as far back as 400 BC, and Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” called the elder tree his “medicine chest.”
Research shows that Native Americans would use it to simply treat infections, while Ancient Egyptians used it to heal nasty burns & improve their complexion…..think I may need to drink a whole bottle of this then!
Other parts of the world like Europe, still use this form of remedy in folk medicine. They consider this, still to be one of the World’s most healing plants.
Present Day, we would best know this type of syrup used as a supplement to treat the common cold and flu symptoms.
But this is not all it is recommended or known to treat throughout history….
What else Elderberry was also known to treat centuries ago?
  • Flowers and leaves - pain relief, swelling, inflammation, to stimulate the production of urine and to induce sweating.
  • The bark was used as a diuretic, laxative and to induce vomiting
  • Folk medicine, the dried berries or juice are used to treat influenza, infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, heart pain and nerve pain, as well as a laxative and diuretic
Additional Benefits?
Elderberry Syrup has other hidden talents. How about using the cooked berries to create juice, jams, chutneys, pies and elderberry wine. The flowers are often boiled with sugar to make a sweet syrup or infused into tea. They can also be eaten fresh in salads
Any Precautions to Consider?
Flowers, Raw berries, bark and leaves of the plant are also known to be poisonous and cause stomach problems if they unripe or uncooked (not cooked correctly).
Other things to keep in mind include:
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you shouldn’t take it.
  • DO NOT give to babies under 1 years old (due to the honey). However, we can replace this ingredient with a substitute of Coconut Sugar.
If you feel you have had any reaction after taking Elderberry Syrup, please stop immediately.
Talk with your doctor if you’re thinking about taking elderberry.
Recommended Dose?
  • Take ½ tsp to 1 tsp for kids and ½ Tbsp to 1 Tbsp for adults.
  • If required; take the normal dose every 4 hours instead of once a day til things has settled