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Homemade Vegan Recipe Suffolk Elderberry Syrup 200ml

Homemade Vegan Recipe Suffolk Elderberry Syrup 200ml

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If you love herbal & 100% natural based products then you will know all about Elderberry Syrup. I always like to try different natural based this is why I began brewing this beautiful recipe call ‘Suffolk Elderberry Syrup’ at home.

There is plenty of research available to you, if you wish to know more about this fantastic product.

This beautiful recipe includes all nature ingredients which is stated below...

Ingredients List

  • Elderberries 7 %
  • Maple Syrup
  • Water
  • Cinnamon

Suitable for Vegetarians. If you feel there is a Ingredient that will upset any allergies you may have, then, please seek medical advise from your GP.

Not suitable for Babies under 1 year