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Winter Herbal Must Haves!!!!

#elderberryhealth #winterishere #winterherbals #musthaves #Suffolk RoseHip Facial Oil - To keep your skin refreshed, moisturised with a glow!
Suffolk Onion & Honey Syrup - natural way to help sooth any niggling cough. Suffolk Elderberry Honey - Elderberry & Honey together creates magical benefits. Honey on its own is used regularly amongst families to support the common cold and much more.
Suffolk Elderberry Syrup - Well we all know what this supports in these winter months.
Suffolk Chest Rub - herbal alternative to help you breathe with ease.
Suffolk Turmeric & Ginger Sauerkraut - natural probiotic to support gut health for the whole family. Great food supplement.
Suffolk Kefir Water - another form of natural probiotic for the whole family in a form of a drink.
Suffolk Kombucha Jellies - Great food supplement for children. Can be a little sweet treat or even add them to their pack lunch box.

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