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Let’s get onboard with herbal supplements!

#elderberryhealth #vitamind #what absolutely astounds me when watching today’s ‘This Morning’ discussing with a doctor about studies that are going ahead to see if vitamin d can support covid. We already KNOW the benefits of this vitamin, mainly known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. We also know the NHS highly recommends at this time of year, to anyone, to take enough vitamin d in the winter months (25 micrograms a day). WHY WHY WHY wouldn’t this be the obvious route to take right at the start of this pandemic? If we had ROLLED OUT THIS ADVICE to the public at the beginning we would of made sure their body would be a little more prepared for this tragedy! Doctors, professors, scientists already known amongst many other health benefits that vitamin d & c for that matter has always supported colds & flu for centuries #frustrating 🤬

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