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Where my fascination with Magnet Therapy came from


It started in one of my Reiki Training. We were shown a technique to help ground yourself when working with your client in a Reiki session...that was it, hooked!


Try this YOURSELF!

Stand with your arms folded in front of you (without a magnet on you) I use a magnet ring as shown in images.


Then get your friend/ partner to PUSH down on your crossed arms. Your aim is NOT to fall forward.


NOW TRY THE SAME THING AGAIN, with the magnet in your hand.


You will be amazed how you DO NOT move forward at all. In fact you feel completed grounded/solid, all the way through your body starting from your feet.


That got me do intrigued by how this worked, so that’s why I wanted to know more...


Among many other grounding techniques, for restoring balance is definitely hematite. Hematite will bring you down to earth, grounding you, and helping you get back to the real world. By doing so, it will help you shift your false perceptions and perspectives, and help you see what truly is happening in the present moment. One of the most used hematite tools in our shop is the magnetic hematite ring.


How magnets affect the body


Although we’re not exactly sure how, scientists believed that the magnetic field disturb the bodies own magic magnetic energy, which in turn, triggers more Conventional by a chemical and physical logical mechanisms.


magnetic fields

. increase bloodflow bring it more oxygen and nutrients and flushing away waste products.

. modulate calcium flow through the body which is essential to make psychological processes magnetic fields can attract calcium irons to heal a broken bone or to help move calcium away from the painful arthritic joints.

. alter the acidity or alkalinity of your body fluids which are often out of bounce with illness.

. affect hormone production (including those of the brains all important pineal gland), which initiates a cascade of biological effects.

. Alter enzyme activity and other biochemical processes, such as production of ATP, a module that provides cellular fuel for the entire body.

. Stimulate electro magnetic energy flow through acupuncture meridians.

. Alter cell chromosome and alignment.


Magnetic therapy said to have a soothing effect on the cells, tissues and nerves when applied to an affected part and cause to lessen the pain, stiffness, soreness or swelling.


Helping your body heal itself


Most people reach for painkillers or some other form of pain medication when they don’t feel well. If the pain is severe and they are unable to get relief, they look to surgery.


Magnetic therapy offers an alternative solution to pills and surgery. For many thousands of years, the people of Asia and Europe have reach for a magnet deal with their pain, yet, many people still do not look to Magnets as a valid alternative method for pain.


Modern science and technology have taken this age old therapeutic technique to a new and even more affective level. Today, magnetic products are used to treat all sorts of elements, from sleep problems to mending broken bones, and a host of other health challenges.


In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in alternative message medicines or treatments, and a much greater interest and alternative message to managing pain,


People seeking more relief than than drugs can provide, or those looking to treat the illness/pain without medication, are flocking to try natural alternatives, including magnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapies is based on the premise that since all living things exist in a magnetic field, including the human body, then the application the static Matic magnets will help to rearrange or restore that magnetic balance.


It is believed that every illness is a sign at the cells have been deprived of energy, oxygen, and nutrition or that there is a build-up of toxins. When this occurs, the cells defence mechanism is weakened. Magnetic therapy removes these blockages that get in the way of normal, natural healing, and helps your body heal itself.


A grounded object is something that has a direct conductive path to the earth, such as a water pipe, wall, or wood table. When working with computers, the most ideal way to ground yourself is to touch the exterior metal box of your computer’s power supply before unplugging the machine.


Spiritual Beauty of Wearing Magnet Jewellery...


Strong purifying energy, yet gentle when dissolving blockages.

- Calming energy that will help you remain calm during the biggest storms in your life.

- Protects from low-frequency vibes.

- Helps in relieving anxiety

- Mostly used for balancing the Root Chakra.

- A grounder that will keep you in the present moment.

- Helps to manifest your dreams into reality.

- Shows a more realistic view of the bigger picture.

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