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Welcome to our New Arrival Product No 2..... Herbal Lavender Mint and Lemon Blend Tea


 I think we can all agree that we love nothing more than to kick off our shoes at the end of a very busy day. Or given our current situation, I’m face pressed up against the window for my long awaited hubby to come home from work and take the children off my hands 😜


Most people are very familiar with ‘Lavender’ and the benefits, but combine this with peppermint and hint of the lemon slices, this just makes a soothing, relaxing cuppa!


If you are like myself, it isn’t just the tea I need to help me distress, it’s also the environment I’m in to help me enjoy my perfect blend.

So go to your favourite place in the house and enjoy the mood uplifting blend of Lavender, Mint & Lemon.


Also take the opportunity to research this product to see what it can offer!

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