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Welcome! Onion & Honey Syrup to Suffolk Elderberry

SSSSSSSOOOOOO! I was pleasantly surprised how tasty Onion & Honey Syrup tastes. When you think of these two combined are instantly put off by the thought of its pungent taste. It’s abit like when your grandma would try to give you ‘Brown Sugar & Vinegar’ to help with hiccups! Just the thought of taking it would instantly make your hiccups disappear 😳
However, with this product you do smell the overwhelming smell of onions but when you take a sip, the sweetness just bursts through......absolutely delicious, honestly!

Onions itself have many health benefits just on its own, but combined with raw honey the research found on the web suggests numerous of health benefits. It also suggests, taking this syrup along side ‘Elderberry Syrup’ are a great combination.
Honey and Onion Syrup is very safe, effective and extremely tasty syrup, plus suitable for all the family. However, DO NOT give it to children under 1 year due to the honey element.
It can be very soothing for a irritated throat and suppose to help thin out a mucus within the throat and should make it easy to cough up if required.

Its DEFINITELY one of those products where you need to TRY it before you can believe it!

In 1653, herbalist Nicholas Culpepper described using onions with sugar (or honey) for coughs in his book Culpeper’s Complete Herbal. So there’s a long history of using this syrup to support the common cough!

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