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Trialing the Magnetic Therapy on my Hubby!

As you know one of my ventures is Magnetic Therapy and i’m very close to qualifying, which I’m extremely excited about to share with you all.
As always, my husband is always willing to try my little adventures and how it can benefit him with his symptoms he struggles with day to day. One of his symptoms happen to be a very painful slipped disc in his lower back.
So using the knowledge that I have gained so far with this course I put it into practice for my hubby’s painful back by using Acupuncture Magnetic Acupressure Patch’s.
As you can see from below picture, these are very discreet and water proof too which applied to the skin.
I have been amazed so far with the results and I don’t think Dan (hubby) thought it would sooth his back so quickly. Upon application he felt a slight (as he described it) electric shock....this is where the magic begin.

I checked in on his progress today and he is still pain free...which is just fabulous news! Dan will continue to use the patch’s for 2/3 days. Let’s hope this amazing results to continue. 💕

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