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The Wonders of Reiki...

#elderberryhealth #another fabulous reiki session with my client this morning. She was very happy for me to share this small clip of her session today. The purpose of showing this clip was to show how each person experience there session very differently. However, it all reflects on the ‘Blocked’ energy that she is holding onto. You will notice my client experiencing ‘uncontrollable’ twitching of her eyes/lids. Other symptoms she noticed was intense heat in affected areas, twitching of her arm which I picked up in this session with blocked energy. But the most extraordinary reaction was the feeling of crying (watery filled eyes). Then she felt very chilly after therapy which can be very common. Due to the Data Protection I can’t share the reasons for her reiki session , but everything she experienced was related to her symptoms. Thankfully after this session she is feeling very calm, relaxed and wanting to book again. Book your Reiki session today! 
to witness the video, check out the post on today on Facebook.

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