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The Power of Reiki Healing...

The Power of Reiki Healing!
Since being attuned with energy healing I have been astounded by the amount of support I have been able to offer my clients. It’s such a powerful tool to have in your tool box. It’s completely non-invasive, opportunity to relax, lay down in comfort, heal from a distance and walk away feeling free of unwanted blockages.
There are no boundaries when it comes to Reiki Healing....any sceptics out there? Pop along and see what your experience have to offer you.
The biggest achievement is working with ssary non-believers but want to see for themselves.
All of my clients have walked away from there session completely blown away and wanting more, along with loads of questions. Healing can also be used on your Pets, Plants too. This is the Magical Power of Reiki of Healing....

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