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The history of Hijama.

Although it is often associated with traditional Chinese medicine, the entire world once knew of this therapy and used it. In the Weat, cupping Therapy has it’s birth in Egypt. The Ebers Papyrus, written around 1550 B.C.E, states that bleeding by wet cupping removes foreign matter from the body. In cupping, the ancient Eypgtains saw the remedy for just about every disorder.
Cupping Therapy was used in Egypt dating back some 3,500 years, where it’s use is represented in hieroglyphic writing.

The ancient Egyptians passed the art of cupping on to the ancient Greeks. Both Hippocrates and Galen were staunch advocates and users of cupping Therapy. Galen once condemned Erasistratus, a noted physician in Alexandria, for not using cupping.
In the West, cupping remained an important part of medicine and therapy, including conventional, alternative and folk-based, until the early 20th century. The surgeon Charles Kennedy wrote, in 1826;

“The art of cupping has been so well-known, and the benefits arising from it so long experienced, that it is quite unnecessary to bring forward testimonials in favour of what has received not only the approbation of modern times, but also the sanction of remotest antiquity.”

In the UK, the practice of cupping therapy also dates back a long time being referred to one of the leading medical journals, The Lancet. It was named after this practice as it refers to the surgical instrument that can scrape the skin to perform a style of cupping.

Historical Methods
Before the advent of the hand pump that makes cupping so easy today, many different instruments have been used to perform cupping historically.

Sunnah Hijama
Hijama can also be referred to as ‘Sunnah Hijama’ as it is a practice recommended in Hadith.

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