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As we know with each season that comes around come typical illnesses. For example, late summer, autumn & winter is well-known for the ‘Winter Vomiting’. Everyone dreads this illness, including myself ☹️

So what symptoms/illnesses comes with ‘Summertime’? Sun maybe shining but so do the following common problems.
So let’s have a look at some of the ‘Basic’ self treatments we can ALL use easily to help support symptoms.


Hayfever - Elderflower, Nettle - can make a syrup or infusion in tea.

Sunburn - most common herb would be Aloe Vera (use the sap directly from inside the plant) and neat lavender essential oil to effected area as needed.

Bites & Stings - sweet basil, holy basil, sage & thyme - Freshly squeeze the juice of the one of the herb leaves to use on wound.

Earache (commonly in children from going in swimming pools) - garlic (break a garlic oil capsule onto cotton wool and plug in affected ear. (1 drop)

Sun Stroke - other than the obvious

Have plenty of water. This helps with lost of water through sweating.
Buttermilk has natural supplements that can help control your body temperature.
helps replenish the lost electrolytes from the body, caused by excessive sweating. By drinking coconut water two to three times a day may keep your body hydrated and body temperature down.
Raw mango juice also called aam panna is a great drink to relieve heat stroke symptoms.
Fan air over the patient while wetting his or her skin with water from a sponge or garden hose.
Apply ice packs to the patient's armpits, groin, neck, and back.

Disclaimer: I have to state that anything mention above is a herbal alternative (not a cure but MAY help you) and not to replace any medical advise of your GP. If symptoms persist you must seek medical advice & treatment.

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