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Simple Natural Steps to Healthy Skin...

I felt this was a good post to share, for all those ‘Teens’ out there who struggling acne or generally poor skin. This is my son below who struggled with acne on his face and back for years. He lost a lot of confidence and made him completely miserable. Like most parents we tried most things but no joy. All my attempts were prior to me getting into my herbal way of life. This was massively influenced by Jessica Hall - Kinesiology who told Jadyn to cut out diary and replace it with alternatives ie Goats Milk, Buffalo cheese etc. If possible to replace processed sugar with a healthier version like coconut sugar etc too. Jadyn took the advice and it didn’t take long to see instance results....truly amazing!
Another great option is to take zinc supplement for any skin condition. Don’t forget the other benefits to taking Zinc ie immune health, eye, prostate health, plus it also supports a healthy digestion.
There is many factors that contribute to the development of acne, including:
hormone changes

If you know someone that is struggling with poor skin, then it maybe worth trying the above natural simple steps to see if this works for you.

Check the difference in Jadyn’s complexion!

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