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Reiki Client Feedback!

#elderberryhealth #reikihealing # this client wanted to share her feedback anonymously from her reiki session. Overwhelming feeling to know you have made such a difference in someone’s life. Clients Feedback Below: I just wanted to leave you a review after our reiki session today.

When I arrived at yours this morning I had no real clue what reiki was but thought it sounded interesting and I'd give it ago.

I was totally fascinated and amazed! Not only was your treatment room beautiful and relaxing I was just amazed at what you told me about myself without knowing a thing! You found my blocked areas and explained they were blocked and suggested reasons as to why they were blocked and then worked your magic on unblocking them. That was a totally surreal experience I could feel extreme heat on the block areas as well as other signs it was amazing... I'm now about to book my next session and I can't wait to see what happens. Thank you xx 😘

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