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Reiki and what does it offer you?

Offer people will ask me…’Why Reiki?’ ‘What will it do for me?’

Well if you are a sceptic? I would urge you to pop to the clinic and see for yourself what your experiences are and share them with your friends & family.
What you may not realise, if your energy is imbalanced it can cause many health issues.
Like I have mentioned many times previously, that my clients come for various reasons and they are all medical reasons. Your idea or vision of ‘Reiki, is that you simply ‘Relax’ and go to your ‘Happy Place’. Of course, reiki supports this too, but clients goal is to support a ongoing health issue by healing chakras & opening up those blockages.
Reiki is a incredible way of cleansing your body & mind to the spiritual world that surround us.

Reiki is one of the most ancient powerful alternative therapies you could ever experience and would recommend anyone to try it!

What we can offer you here is the opportunity to enhance your Reiki experience by using a combination of therapies such as Magnet Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Ancient Kansa Wand Facial, Facial Cupping or even Hopi Ear Candling.
Grab your experience whilst you can in such difficult times! 😘

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