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New Herbalist & Holistic Business Opening Soon!

So you may all be wondering what’s next? How is all this training of late going to tye in together?

So over the next few weeks & months my clinic will be OPEN for business. I will be running this from my home which I’m hoping will help with that work life balance that we all strive for...
The plan is once I get my insurances finalised, new logos, booking system all sorted I will OPEN the herbalist side of the business.
FOR THOSE that not quite sure what a herbalist do, then the following information may help.

Herbalist Role

Herbalists treat patients using plant-based remedies and other treatments. Responsibilities typically include: undertaking patient consultations to diagnose illnesses and conditions, and to select appropriate remedies. gaining information from patients about previous physical/medical history and symptoms.

Regards to Suffolk Elderberry Business - this will continue as normal but under a NEW name. We have had another rethink 🤦‍♀️ and decided on the following...

Suffolk Elderberry Herbalist & Holistic Therapy

For the HOLISTIC THERAPY side of things - I will be slowly introducing them, once each of the training courses are completed. First course is Holistic Facial Massage 22nd August 🥰

Even though this is all AMAZING NEWS! We must remember to keep in line with all the COVID Rules & Regulations.

However, this doesn’t stop us enjoying the power of technology if any of my herbalist clients don’t feel confident with face to face consultations.

Can’t wait to keep you all posted, for when we are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

See you beautiful people soon 🥰

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