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New Arrival....

Suffolk Black Nettle Syrup....
This is another delicious syrup created with what ‘Mother Nature’ provides us. This time I’m using ‘Nettles’, yes ‘Stinging nettles’. Those horrible green weeds that you see everywhere in parks, side of roads or in your own garden.
We have all been brought up with the ‘Old Wives Tale’, if you get stung...then located near by will be a ‘Doc Leaf’, to relieve the pain & incredible itching. They appear to have no purpose other than irritating you. However, this gives nettles a huge negative reputation and avoid like the plaque....BUT there is a huge benefit...and here’s why!

Nettle Syrup is known to be use to help support the following symptoms:
🌿 Anemia
🌿 Inflammation & fever
🌿 Allergies ie Hay fever type symptoms
🌿 Stress
🌿 Low energy levels & fatigue
🌿 Poor immune system
🌿 Asthma
🌿 Bleeding
🌿 Tissue regeneration
🌿 Hormones
🌿 Rheumatism & arthritis
🌿 Dysentery
🌿 Hair loss
🌿 Coughs
🌿 Detoxification ie Liver

Take a dessert spoonful each day on a empty stomach. If you love licorice, then you will enjoy the taste of this particular syrup. It’s not always about the smell or’s about how it benefits you! I do try to educate my children with this everyday with little impact.
Always remember this is only a herbal alternative and should always seek medical advice if you feel symptoms are persisting.
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