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My Personal Journey over the Years with Holistic Therapies

Dealing with stress, mental health, wellness, work, children it can feel like a never ending battle. It personally feels like to ‘Ground Hog Day’ most days. Given the last two years, even the ‘saneness’ of people felt the world was going crazy.
Over the years I have tackled my own mental well-being with the help of a few different talented individuals. They each provided me with very different services but collectively they have offered me the tools to tackle all of the above issues.
Additional to all over above day to day stresses ‘the menopause’ has reared its ugly head…..cheers!👍
So let’s share with you all, each of the amazing businesses and how they helped me on my personal journey…..maybe they can be a benefit to you too!
The best bit is ‘it’s an holistic’ approach to self-care and feeling good.

Vic Eley - FIGHT KLUB (IPSWICH - SMC) Paula Gladwell. Absolutely the best intense hour workout I have ever done. It’s a real mixture of exercises but mainly focusing on the boxing. I can’t even escape the dreaded ‘Burpee’ within this class either 🤦‍♀️ What makes this class so unique is the ‘Disco’ type atmosphere with the brilliant Vic MC in the back ground. I really feel I have done a ALL OVER workout after each session that runs 3 x times a week. It’s a real friendly group who welcome all range of fitness. No expectation to grasp the techniques straight away…..PS if you have rhythm then you are half way there 😉 (FK images below)

Jessica Hall - Kinesiology - introducing to me to the world of ‘Holistic Therapy’, Spiritual Healing, Soul Realignment, meditation, Herbal Remedies, Muscle Testing, but most of all Jess gave me the confidence and supported me in setting up my own Herbalist & Holistic Therapy Business.
The first time I arrived at Jess’s clinic I was suffering with re-occurring throat infections, IBS and generally run down. Within seconds she knew exactly what my body needed….as she would say ‘Your body is telling me what you need’. Completely confused and challenged her methods I was completely blown away. Since that day I have remained healthy and no more if the symptoms I was complaining about at the original appointment. That’s when I become interested in herbal medicine and creating my own to sell….’Elderberry Syrup’ still today after 2 years my best seller. 🙏🏻 Thankyou Jessica Hall - Kinesiology.

Suffolk Woman's Wellness - Nina Parham. Well where do I begin with this extremely talented young women. Firstly, you may recognise her from the maternity unit at Ipswich Hospital because she is Midwife, which gives her a greater understanding of women’s health. Nina has supported me since I was pregnant with my fourth child (Jake) and post-natal.
My first appointment with Nina was towards the end of my pregnancy and I was completely shocked how poor my diet was, to add to this I was told that I had diastases of the stomach (basically Jake) and fallen through my stomach wall 🙈, plus I was so desperate to lose my pregnancy weight in a year of having Jake for my wedding day 🤪. Nina had her work cut out but she managed to get my stomach wall back into shape without one single stomach crunch, paleo lifestyle and light exercises each day. (See images attached) I achieved this within weeks post baby. Her support didn’t stop there….A few years later I was then struggling with Peri-menopause, prolapses and Adenomyosis. As all women of a certain age will know we begin to suffer with these type of symptoms, so it’s worth looking Nina up because it is never too late to get support. With Nina’s help I have managed to treat 95% of my symptoms with holistic therapy without a hysterectomy, which I was told is the only cure for such condition.

YogaBudz - Mindfulness and Yoga for children - Tanya Kynaston has created a fabulous little group that cater for two age groups to enjoy the world of yoga. This is all about being flexible…it’s more about children finding there inner peace, connecting with others, supporting each other, mindfulness and emotional well-being for our children. We can learn a lot from our children and sometimes we forget their little brains can get extremely overwhelmed by what they have to absorb at school, social media and their friends. They are very in-tuned these days with what’s going on in the world, especially the impact of covid. This type of group has a lot to offer a child and I have seen the benefits first hand with my 8 year old daughter Jasmine’s who suffers with extreme anxiety and being assessed for autism and PDA. This is such a calming atmosphere and Tanya offer the children the tools to self manage their inner emotions, share calming techniques, rely and connect with others without the power of speech. It also teaches children to feel grounded , gives them balance and core strengthening techniques to create your poses. Just a all round holistic approach to connect with our children without sound…namaste! 🙏🏻
(Images of my daughter poses with her best friend)

The Birth Nest - Abbie Todd. A Dula. For those who are squeamish you may want to stop reading 🙈 I so wished I knew what Abbie had to offer sooner because I would of definitely used her services for all my pregnancies.
So you must be curious how Abbie supported me after pregnancy…….1st Clue - first time I ever had the opportunity to ingest my own stem cells?
2nd Clue - the gift of life?
Still no idea?????
Yes I did it….I ate my own placenta after giving birth to Jake. 🤢 I wasn’t brave enough to fry it or have it in a form of a smoothie, instead I had Abbie capsulise my placenta. It’s a very delicate process and you need to be quick on your feet to get the placenta to Abbie quick as possible immediately after birth to keep it as fresh as possible. At first I was a little sceptical about the idea of eating my own placenta, honestly this was the best thing I ever done. It has amazing health benefits for you and the baby, plus it was the first time I never struggled with the ‘Baby Blues’. I felt on top of the world in the first few months when you are so sleep deprived.
If this is something you are interested in then get in touch. She will provide you with all the equipment, plus arrange collection for you whilst you enjoy your new bundle of joy 🥰 (Images below of a real life size of my placenta and Jake’s dried umbilical cord…..the gift of life!!!

Hope some of these services help you reach your goals or support you in similar day to day struggles.

It’s all about positive mental attitude, believing in yourself, trust your inner energy, heal yourself and reach out to others when the chips our down…..
I feel so lucky to learn from all of these businesses and like them I wanted to give back and share my knowledge through my own business 👍🙈m

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