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Hopi Ear Candling has now arrived! BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Been a extremely BUSY BEE! This weekend with the Hijama Cupping Therapy plus Hopi Ear Candling Course today.

Hopi Ear Candling (Both Ears plus Gentle Massage) - £30
Hopi Ear Candling is a non-invasive therapy offering an alternative to conventional treatment such as ear syringing or grommets, and helpful for anyone with sinus symptoms.
Ear Candles are a relaxing, gentle treatment. The results can be powerful, and work on a spiritual level too. Ear Candling is a ceremonial practice to make peace with the spirit world, and so clients can feel peaceful and moved emotionally when having a treatment.

Clients can experience a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It can be very soothing for symptoms like headaches, earache, sinusitis and flu/cold congestion....basically anything sinus related.
Most clients may feel relief post flying/diving with this particular treatment because it can improve the pressure in the eardrum, due to the unequal pressure that can develop on either side of the eardrum when flying or diving.
Suitable for children by using smaller candles.

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