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Have you considered seeing a herbalist?

#elderberryhealth #herbalists #Herbal medicine is medicine made from plants, either the whole plant or sometimes parts of it. It may be the leaves, flowers, roots or bark.  I find it so fascinating, how the same plant can be used for various reasons, whether it is a herbal tea, flavouring of food, heal or support general health & wellbeing.
Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine and has been tried, tested and trusted throughout the centuries and even today it is still used in some conventional medicines.
Did you know that sweetly scented meadowsweet was famous as a strewing herb and as a flavouring for mead.
It was one of modern medicines great discoveries. The plant that contain salicylic acid, from which is derived aspirin and has been used for many of the same complaints for which aspirin is used today. Unlike aspirin, the salicylic acid found in Meadowsweet does not irritate the lining of the gastric tract and stomach that the aspirin sold in pharmacies do today.
As herbalists we would use Meadowsweet specifically for problems with over-acidity in the digestion and for supporting stomach ulcers.
Plant medicines are natural, so more compatible with our bodies which means our bodies can absorb herbal creations easily and rarely any reactions.

The great thing about Herbal medicine it works well alongside other holistic/ spiritual therapies and many conventional treatments too.
This holistic approach is all about the promotion of health and helps prevent disease, which is tailored to you. When using alternative medicine it promotes healthy diet and a lifestyle change.

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