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Great Hijama Session

Hijama can be extremely beneficial each side of the nose as shown below: It helps the body to get rid of excess inflammatory agents that have gathered within sinus cavities, regulates the immune system and help prevents symptoms of acute sinusitis from becoming chronic.
Instantly this patient could feel that his airways through his nostrils felt clear.

Also this patient had come for sleep apnoea & general detox, using the same points when he had his last Hijama session in Turkey. Look at the difference in extraction of blood between my session and his one in Turkey. This amount was extracted within 10 minutes and no further cups were applied.
There can be a few reasons for this amount of blood….the incisions were too deep, underline medical conditions or simply this is completely normal for this patient…Last but least, this amount of blood simply needed to be removed and the patient felt really good after that session.

Today we didn’t see much blood 🩸 but that’s not a bad thing….says to me that patient is doing well within those points. However, when I attempted the nose, I did have to remove cups a few times to keep the bleeding under control. This was a new area with ‘New’ symptoms so I expected to see some bleeding today.

If you feel this is something you could benefit with then drop me a message and I can go through any concerns you may have?

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