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Fed up with the niggling symptoms and want to take a herbal alternative?

As you are aware Suffolk Elderberry has been extremely busy offering lots of different treatments for you all, which all ties in nicely with the herbal supplements/ products that I have been creating over the last few months.

The beauty of being a herbalist, Reiki Trained and able to offer holistic therapy plus all the below goodies. Means that I can use all this knowledge together and help support any ongoing symptoms you have been struggling with. I can also make up any supplements you may require from your herbalist consultation with me. It maybe that you just need to chill and relax with simple massage.

Within this business I have some amazing contacts that can extend your possible treatment even further.

DON’T just suffer and looking for a herbal alternative then look no further! I offer a very relaxing, friendly approach and welcome anyone whether it is your children, family members or even those stubborn hubbies he he....unfortunately I have one of those 🤪

Check out my website below and come along to see if we can get to the bottom of your symptoms?

⭐️ Suffolk RoseHip Facial Oil
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry Syrup
⭐️ Suffolk Elderflower Cordial (citric acid or honey version
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar
⭐️ Suffolk Elderflower Wine Vinegar
⭐️ Suffolk Rosemary Tincture
⭐️ Suffolk Thyme Infused Oil
⭐️ Suffolk Rhodiola Tincture 30ml (non-alcohol)
⭐️ Suffolk Ashwagandha Tincture 30ml (non-alcohol)
⭐️ Suffolk Black Nettle Syrup
⭐️ Suffolk Chaste Berry Tincture 30ml
⭐️ Suffolk Dandelion Syrup
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry & RoseHip Lollipops (inc Vegan Option)
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry & Strawberry Jam
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry Chocolate Sauce
⭐️ Suffolk Elderberry BBQ Sauce
⭐️ Suffolk Elderflower & Strawberry Cordial
⭐️ Suffolk Herbal Lavender Mint and Lemon Blend Tea 50g
⭐️ Suffolk Kefir Water
⭐️ Suffolk Milk Thistle Tincture (non-alcohol) 30ml
⭐️ Suffolk Orange or Elderberry Kombucha Jellies (Pack 20)
⭐️ Suffolk Oregano Infused Oil 30ml
⭐️ Suffolk Red Clover Tincture 30ml (non-alcohol)
⭐️ Suffolk RoseHip Cordial
⭐️ Suffolk Saw Palmetto Tincture 30ml (non-alcohol)
⭐️ Suffolk Sparkling Elderflower & Rose Cordial

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