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This form of cupping (just like the DRY cupping) is a simple gentle and relaxing suction treatment that has been used for centuries.
You maybe thinking? Will this leave ‘ Octopus marks’ like you typically see on the body with Dry/Wet Hijama.
This is completely different form of treatment and suits all skin types, without leaving any marks whatsoever.

How this treatment works?
The suction action increases the blood flow within the area you are treating which helps fresh nutrients into & through the tissues. This treatment is great for neck too, this can be used to help move around stagnant lymph fluid, increase circulation, may help reduce inflammation, nourish tissues and help keep the fine lines/wrinkles in check.

This high quality cups are made with medical grade glass to treat every area of your face including lips and around your eye area.
In order to help the cups glide with ease your Practitioner will apply a lotion or lubricant which is suitable to your skin type.
Once this has taken place we will begin with the suction technique by gliding & sweeping across the face, neck.
There is couple of other methods we can do with these cups which are:
Flash Cupping - Compress the cup, place on skin, release to create suction. Lift & repeat. It appears if we are kissing the skin.
The other is called...
Static Cupping - Compress the cup, apply to skin and release to create suction. Leave the cup in place for 3-10 mins.

How long before the benefits are visible?
Like with many treatments, having something regular you often find you get the best results. However, in some cases you may find they have only had a few sessions and notice the difference in their appearance. Plus results may vary from person to person.
What we all love to see youthful, more toned, glowing skin.

Where blood flow! Nutrients, cells and skin tissue will function better.

PS it’s rumoured that Dry Body Cupping can help reduce cellulite.....I’m all for this lol

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