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Epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector Interview on This Morning (Gut Health & Covid)

#elderberryhealth #A very interesting conversation on This Morning today. It still astounds me that this isn’t just straight for common sense…surely? Or is it because I’m a herbalist by trade and have a greater understanding of the benefits of ‘Gut Health’…. Essentially we are what we eat!
If you get the opportunity check out Epidemiologist Professor Tim Spector interview around studies carried out on patients suffering with Long Covid: Can your diet help your symptoms?

It’s always been know that gut health is key to a healthy lifestyle and helps to support your immune system to fight any bugs or viruses (not just covid)
When I see my herbalist patients in clinic…I would say 85% of those patients have comprised gut health due to ‘POOR DIET’. By simply making little changes within their lifestyle and diet, they found their symptoms disappeared and could live a fuller lifestyle without the aid of loads of additional vitamins (it was maintained in their NEW diet).
One of things that Professor Tim Spector stressed within this interview that the Four ‘K’s’ within your diet with make a massive difference to your gut health and boost your immunity, especially around Long Covid.

I have shared the same views within many social media posts, even prior covid. It amazes me that they are only NOW discovering the benefits of herbs, probiotics and fermented food to prevent or minimise symptoms to fight Covid 🤦‍♀️

For those you don’t know the four ‘k’s’ are, then check below:
1, Kefir Milk (this can come in a water version)
2, Kombucha Tea (Again you can make your own with a live ‘Scoby’
3, Sauerkraut (Fermented White Cabbage)
4, Kimchi (Korean spicy, fermented cabbage)

These are all fermented foods, commonly known as a natural probiotic. There is many different fermented foods that you can enjoy for the whole family.
If you wish to improve your families ‘Gut Health’, then you must check out this amazing Australian lady called Stacey Clare below

Or again, as clarified in this interview today fresh herbs in your diet is very key to maintain healthy balance lifestyle.
Don’t forget the process sugars too….

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