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Water kefir is a probiotic beverage which is known for its various health benefits. If you know anything about PROBIOTICS, you will know they can come in different forms but I find this one the best. I already take a tablet form regularly prescribed by the wonderful Jess @ Ivy Blue Holistic Healing but I like to add additional version through my Water Kefir. It improves immunity & gut health. It’s Dairy-free and vegan-friendly to be enjoyed by all, even your kiddie winkles.
Since taking all my supplements I have never felt so well, nor have I had any serious bouts of asthma. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ALSO SUPPORTED BY MY GPs ADVICE & ASTHMA MEDICATION.
This tasty beverage not only offers you all the health benefits but beneficial bacteria and yeast can easily be made with sugar water and water kefir grains.
You can also do a second ferment over night with the finished Water Kefir by adding some frozen fruit of your choice as shown below to create a fruity version.

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