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Do you need help with VAGINAL REJUVENATION or Gynaecological PRP

VAGINAL REJUVENATION COULD THIS BE WHAT YOU NEED!! I know this is major problem for many women out there. Luckily is one of the many things I haven’t had to deal with.
I have been luckily enough to spend time with DR Fem Aesthetics F Gendy who has trained me in many areas of treatments but unfortunately this is one area you have to be highly skilled and a qualified Doctor.
So this is something I would love to share with you all and if you could SHARE this POST on your pages to reach women who this could be a game changer and give women there quality of life back.
Also Dr GENDY will travel to my clinic and work from there to treat you!

Vaginal rejuvenation helps women to solve numerous problems associated with their intimate areas. It alleviates the unpleasant sensation of burning, itching and dryness. It helps solving some problems of the urinary tract and enjoying the intimate life. Women of all ages benefit from this procedure, most often those after natural childbirth and during menopause: It also helps regaining appropriate elasticity and diameter of the vagina as well as restores physiological pH levels and bacterial flora.

Procedures are virtually painless and last for about 20-30 minutes. These procedures do not require any special preparation but we must exclude infection first. The procedure is performed with the introduction of a Hifu head into the vagina to act on its walls directly. It creates multiple, precisely located effect in the vaginal wall, leading to the formation of new young cells and glands. This rejuvenates the wall by activating collagen biosynthesis and restoring the appropriate water levels in the extracellular matrix.
After the procedure, patients may return to their daily activities but should not undertake sexual activity for two weeks.
It helps ladies with lax vagina after delivery, postmenopausal women with dry vaginal and ladies at any age with urinary stress incontinence.
Dr. Gendy,
Consultant in Gynaecology & Aesthetic Medicine

This next treatment can be a really difficult topic to discuss but this is very real for some couples, and been struggling with it for years and causing problems within your relationships.

Gynaecological PRP injection:
Up to 25% of women have orgasmic dysfunction. PRP injection, is a non-surgical procedure that can increase the sensitivity of the vagina and clitoral area in a way that positively impacts orgasms.
The procedure is performed in the clinic by the gynaecologist, by injecting that patient’s own blood platelets into the vaginal and clitoral areas. These platelets then stimulate the growth of new cells in the injected areas, making those areas more sensitive to the touch.
The procedure is not painful and will take about 30 minutes and you can return to your usual activity immediately.
If you or one of your friends or clients needs help, please send me a message to my inbox or text me on 07484 676793
Dr. Gendy, Consultant in Gynaecology & Aesthetic Medicine


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