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Did you Know about the Benefits of Pine Needle Tincture?

#elderberryhealth #pineneedles #pinecones #notjustforchristmasdecorations #healthbenefits #Pine Needles tincture benefits the immune system and speeds healing as it contains 4-5 times more vitamin C than orange juice. It’s rumoured that Pine Needles are the best natural source of suramin and are used to prevent blood clots, protect DNA and RNA, improve circulation, and regulate blood pressure.

Did you know? That Pine resin is highly anti-microbial and can be used to heal wounds or draw out foreign objects from the skin. It can be used internally as tincture to fight respiratory infections or colds. Pine resin oil or salve is safe for all ages and can be applied as a chest rub for respiratory colds. Very popular tincture....👍

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