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Benefits of Turmeric…

#elderberryhealth #turmeric #benefitsofturmeric #antiinflammatory #thought this post was worth a share with you all, because this is something my husband has been struggling for years #arthritis in his hands #stiffness #pinsnneedles #pain #first thing in the mornings is the worst, struggling to open his hands and stretch out his fingers to a level he can even grip anything #as shown image the turmeric that my husband take each day has been such a difference in his movement #if he is without it he notices the symptoms creeping back 😢#if this is you and relate to any of these symptoms then definitely worth a try to help to relieve the stiff, achy, painful joints. Any turmeric is good but if you enjoy #freshturmericroot #then always the better option 🙏🏻👍

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