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I thought I would share with you what else I get up too when I’m bored 😐! I don’t think boredom is the right word...maybe restless is more suitable 🤪.
Myself & a friend decided to do a ‘fermentation course’, which was really interesting. I really didn’t know much about fermentating foods and the real benefits of it for the whole family.

It has always been a struggle to get different type of ‘probiotics’ into my children through various foods. Most of the time I end up having to add them into their milk before bed.

For any mummy, trying to get fruit or vegetables into their little ones is always a mission but fermenting your vegetables MAYBE a option. It sounds absolutely disgusting and to be honest when I first heard about it, I could only think about green/brown funky smell & mould. I was totally shocked when I completed my first batch of fermented carrots, which then intrigued me to experiment with other different foods. So below is a couple of things I have tried so far...

1, Kombucha Jellies - suitable for kids and a form of probiotic. You can do all different flavours. These ones are made with orange juice. Also you can do fermented Water Kefir, which I have decided in other posts how to do this to make fruity fizzy beverage.

2, Fermented Tomato Sauce - not a great smell at first but once it has gone through the fermentation process after a few wouldn’t know the difference in my opinion. I’m a MASSIVE ketchup fan and one I wanted to ditch due to the amount of sugar in it. Again, you will notice me adding a probiotic capsule as part of the preparation.

3, Gluten & Gluten Free Sourdough - this is very interesting, especially once you learn about the history of where it all began.
This is a very delicate & difficult process and one you need to get absolutely spot on. My first attempt appeared very successful, but I split the starter for a friend..... disaster! So I tried tried & tried again....this time a Gluten Free starter. I think it maybe a winner, shown in images. A successful starter will smell like beer, yeast, thick/ gloopy paste and bubbles. My 5 day of fermentation is watch this space 🤦‍♀️.
In order to keep the fermentation process going, you must feed it every 24 hours. Each time you need to remove half of the starter before re-feeding it. The part that is removed can be used for crumpets or pancakes (as shown in images)

The history of sourdough, however, begins long before miners came to Alaska. Sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread and was used at least as early as ancient Egypt. It was probably discovered by accident when bread dough was left out and good microorganisms -- wild yeast -- drifted into the mix.

4, Fermented Carrots - ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I was very curious how this would taste...very sceptical but completely proven wrong. They were so tasty that I would eat them constantly throughout the day. You can basically ferment any vegetables.
You can’t hear them fizzy inside the jar but it is very fizzy and lots of lots of bubbles. This is a clear sign the fermentation working!

CURIOUS! About the health benefits and how you can develop your own fermentation for your own families....research online or simple sign up for this wonderful course

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