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1st of 3 New Products Announced Today....

I mentioned the other day about some new products in the pipeline. So today I’m going to share with you one of the three products today.

As you know my very first product that I launched was Suffolk Elderberry Syrup. So why not utilise the other benefits of this wild plant that we see everywhere you go. In Spring, these beautiful tiny white clusters/heads of flowers which you probably recognise it as ‘Elderflower’. Once the flowers die off they then produce the berries, again you will know it as ‘Elderberries’. This is what I use to create my Elderberry Syrup, which is very popular around autumn & winter.

So you guessed it! Next product is Suffolk Elderflower Cordial....

This is a beautiful scented, refreshing springtime elderflower cordial. Which you can add to sparkling water to create elderflower drink made from freshly squeezed fruit juice, sugar, and ice. If it’s party time then add it to wine, prosecco or champagne of your choice.

I really enjoyed brewing this fruity beverage, and the fragrant flowers leaves the room smelling like summer, sweet perfume.

One thing I did want to try was whether their was a difference in taste by using ‘dried’ elderflowers vs ‘fresh’ elderflowers.

What I do know so far that the ‘Dried’ version is absolutely delicious....which is extremely beneficial once the fresh flowers are not in season.

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